Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pinterest Win: Paper Flowers and Thumbprint Guestbook

So this PWin should be Favorite'd on your computer. Right now, go complete the act of favoriting this craft. Because you're going to LOVE it.

You can thank me later. For now, just revel in the cuteness.


Skill Level//Easy
Time//<5 minutes to make 1 flower

-scrapbook paper: solids, patterns, textures, anything works.
-hot glue gun (I lost mine so bought a cheapo for 3 bucks at Michaels)
-glue sticks

Summary of Directions//
-cut various sized circles from scrapbook paper, cut a spiral down to the middle of the circle, roll paper up, then hot glue.

I added my flowers to the corners of some note cards I made for my cousin's baby shower. Wishes for Baby cards were another Pinterest Win -- everyone loved filling these out at the shower, and the parents-to-be enjoyed reading them. My cousin noted that the answers really said a lot about the personalities of the people who filled out the cards, and it was fun trying to guess who said what.


Skill Level//Easy
Time//>15 min

-permanent markers or paint markers
-fabric paint ink pads, or dye ink pads (warning: if you use dye or pigment ink pads, the ink may bleed or wipe off with water. I used them anyway because they come in a better variety of colors)
-ribbon & hot glue gun (optional)
-wet wipes

Summary of Directions//
-Draw your main image, or get someone to draw the main image on the canvas. The main image can be just about anything -- some popular images are of trees and bikes, but many times people use thumbprints as balloons, and you tie balloons to just about anything. After the main image is drawn with pencil, go over it with permanent market or fabric paint marker. I found that the fabric paint markers didn't come in too many interesting colors, so I ended up using permanent markers with good results.
-Attach ribbon so that the canvas can hang from a wall, using hot glue and gun.
-Add your thumbprint first, so that you can set the tone and people behind you will know what to do.
-Set out the canvas with the ink pads at the event. If you want folks to sign their names, lay out fabric paint pens.

This was for a family baby shower. Because everyone knew everyone, I didn't ask people to add their names. Names would have crowded the small canvas.

This was a larger shower, with more people that the mama-to-be was unfamiliar with. So this time, I did ask that names be included.