Good question. Who the heck are you reading about?

Well there are three of us (5, including pets). First of all there's the author, Marie. I am: quirky, quiet, loud, half-Mexican, half-caucasian, family-oriented, crafty, artsy-from birth, red glasses, lover of elephants, foodie, chef-wannabe, absent minded, short, imperfect, nerdy, photographer, mom, wife, daydreamer, and more.

Then there's M, or as I call him... Michael. I think he's great. He is: a leader, nerdy, goofy, hilarious, tall, handsome (should be a model), fisherman, hunter, outdoorsy, intelligent, great dad, wonderful husband, honest, sincere, fit and in shape, great chef, fair, sexy pants, my love.

So we got together and started a life, when all of a sudden we found out I was pregnant. Turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us. Her name is Brianna (I call her Bria or B for short). She is: silly, loud, dramatic, hungry, loveable, constantly on the go, lover of her veggies, sweet cheeks, chunky monkey, love bug, and more.

Last (but not least), we have Peyton the cat and Rigby the dog. We love them so much. Peyton is a climber, and tries to act serious, but he is really a big baby. There is also Rigby who always has energy. He loves to swim and to be stinky.