Why did I choose the name Good Madness?
Read that quote ^up^ there, and tell me it doesn't strike a chord with you. Even a little bit?
I guess it stuck with me. And I guess you could call this my mantra?


Who are we kidding? None of us are normal. You might fool your boss/your neighbor/your teacher/the lady standing behind you in line at the grocery store. But we all know that we're just on the verge of losing it. My life is hectic and crazy and dirty and busy and colorful and wonderful and a bunch of other things too. My life is out of control, but that is okay. Being a little insane, when it comes to how much I love my husband and my daughter, and the lives that we lead, is GOOD. It's wonderful, in fact.

So Good Madness just made sense. Nothing could sum it up quite like that.