Friday, June 3, 2011

To Do List

I’m one of “them”. You probably know one or two of us. We may get on your nerves. You may not understand the way our brains work. But what we do hurts no one, so all you can do is shake your head.
Tsk Tsk
You know us. We’re the “listers”. We take pleasure in writing out lists. Lists for everything you can imagine; normal stuff like grocery lists to the abnormal (If I Were to Get Another Pet, What Would I Name It lists). So I usually think about life in bullet points, and of course that extends into my pregnancy and anticipated motherhood.
At our baby blog I wrote two lists of things that I am looking forward to. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of browsing my lists, I have compiled them here and have added a few more. (Long live the listers!)
Things I Am Looking Forward To
-Brianna being born a healthy baby.
-Watching her sleep.

-Teaching her how to talk.
-Watching her take her first step.
-The adorable clothes.

-Finger painting.

-Baking sweet treats with her.

-Going with her, and her daddy, fishing… and buying her own mini fishing pole (have you seen those things?? They’re adorable!).
-Birthday parties.
-Helping her dad make her tree house.

-Helping her make a blanket fort.
-Helping her make cute father’s day gifts for dad.

-Going camping.
-Cheering her on when she’s playing soccer/softball/cheerleading/band/track/cross country/etc.
-Taking tons of pictures and videos.

-Making her and daddy a big breakfast spread on the weekends.

-Listening to her get excited about falling in love.

-Taking her out on mother-daughter dates.
-Listening to all of the fun she had with daddy on their father-daughter dates.
-Making wishes with her on falling stars, eyelashes, and dandelions.

-Teaching her about loving animals.

-Taking her on vacation with daddy – to Disney World, to the beach, to the mountains, to the city…

-Rubbing/scratching her back.
-Teaching her how to read.
-Spending time with relatives.
-Watching home videos.

-Bath time.

-Listening to her spout off words in Spanish (which her grandma will hopefully teach her).
-Flying kites.
-Being grossed out by the bugs she and her daddy find in the back yard.
-Making healthy and delicious dinners for her and daddy.
-Tucking her into bed at night.
-St. Patrick’s Day, and making shepherd’s pie.
-Cinco De Mayo, and making tacos.

-Filling her stocking with goodies (and letting her open them on Christmas Eve).
-Encouraging her imagination.

-Going on adventures, and letting her collect pretty things/smooth things/shiny things/colorful things/whatever she wants. Saving those adventure treasures in an Adventure jar.

-Riding bikes.
-Ice cream and popsicles.

-Sending her to summer camp.
-Sweet baby hugs. And Kisses.

-Sending her off to prom (and staying up until she returns home).
-Going to the zoo.
-Cooking her favorite meal on her birthday.
-Watching her dance with daddy.

-Have fun girl-time dancing, with loud music and crazy clothes.
-Laugh together.

-Teach her how to count her blessings.
-Teach her how to love others.
-Teach her how to pray.
-Help her to build sandcastles.
-Looking for sand dollars togethers.
-Making this.

-Afternoon naps.

-Lemonade stands, and cookie sales.

-Baby breath, baby toes, baby butt cheeks, baby eyes, baby fingers, baby face.
-Seeing whose features she has: my eyes? Michael’s dimples? My lips? Michael’s height (yes, Lord, please)?
-Movie nights.
-Splashing in puddles.

-Being her mom.

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