Baby Shoot // Marian Jackson 
Senior Shoot // Lauren

Photography Details
If you're interested in booking a photo sesh with me, go to the Contact Section and find out how to drop me a line. But some things to know about me as a photographer:

1. I DO: it all.
I have experience in event photography (wedding, bridal/baby showers, birthday parties, concerts), portrait photography (engagements, seniors, families, bridal), infant photography (and maternity), and more. I do love engagement sessions, infant session, families and seniors.

2. I DON'T: do printing.
I'm a photographer, not a printer. Sure, I could snag a bit more cash by offering you print packages, but I concentrate on the photos... not the print. I offer you full rights to high-res quality photos (either by USB drive, CD, or Dropbox), and you feel free to print til your heart's content.

3. BUT YES, I CAN: refer you to some printing places.

4. I FLY SOLO: but if your event requires more than 2 eyes, 2 hands, and 2 feet, I can get another person on the job.
I have worked with other photographers before but the thing is, I can't control what the other photog is doing, or how those pics are gonna turn out. In my control-freakish way I want to make sure you get the best possible photos, and if I'm not taking them, then I dunno what they're gonna looks like.

5. I GET DIRTY: so don't get all shy on me when I ask you to stand on your husband's head.
Okay, so I'm not expecting yall to be acrobats, but I'm not afraid of some dirt. If you guys can work with me during our shoots, and sit on that dusty floor, or climb into that window sill, I promise to give you shots in places no one else will have used before. But I do solemnly swear to keep your wedding dress/tux/suit in pristine shape. Pinky-swear.

6. I GET NOSY: and by "nosy" I mean, I'm all about the photojournalism shots. I might peek over a shoulder to get a candid shot, and I may be watching you from across the room. Don't get all weirded out on me -- those un-posed portraits are the best kind. I will do some posed family photos and whatnot, but my primary style is photojournalistic.

7. I CHARGE: a little bit. So, it's kinda ridiculous to me that some photog's charge upwards of $5,000. Maybe I should do that, but I'm not going to. Prices vary, depending on what you want, and please understand that a lot of the billing is a derivative of gas money and edit time. Seriously. I love what I do, and if i didn't hafta pay bills I'd just take the pics for free! But to get a gist of the prices:

Basic portrait shoot starts at $200
Basic wedding day starts at $600
Basic infant shoot starts at $150
**$25 added on to each additional locale used in one day
**additional charges may apply for photos requiring more editing time
**the above rates are the basic prices -- wedding day pricing may vary