Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We are 15 days away from Thanksgiving, can you believe that?
This year for Thanksgiving we plan on staying in Memphis and having our first Family Thanksgiving (although B won’t be eating turkey and mashed potatoes, we really want to start the tradition early). Of course we’ll spend some time with extended family but the dinner itself will be at home, at our dinner table. So I’m already looking for recipes (one of my favorite past-times). Instead of a turkey we’re thinking of having individual Cornish Game Hens. And for the sides we’re wanting healthy version of the traditional. For dessert I’m thinking we’ll splurge a little by having a pie or cobbler. If I can I will post our Thanksgiving menu and then later will show some desserts.
In the thankful spectrum of Thanksgiving, I know I have a lot to be thankful for, and I wish I had more resources to give back. I wish I had more money so that I could buy and donate food goods. I wish I had more time so that I could volunteer. These are things I will do again one day but this year I am focusing on my new family. I know that I need to be more appreciative, and more thankful for the blessings that I have. I need to be more loving towards my fiancé and devote more attention to my daughter. I need to worry about providing for my family, and I need to concentrate on keeping a clean home for them to live in. I need to thank them for the small things that they do, and I need my actions to speak for themselves. I need to appreciate every minute of every day that I have with Bria. I need to be the listening ear, the shoulder to lean on, the heart to empathize with, and the hand to hold for my fiancé. I need to stop talking and start listening. I need to stop wanting and start being content. I need to live for them, and not myself.
I am thankful for the toothless grins.
I am thankful for conversations with my mom.
I am thankful for a tall fiancé who can reach the shelves that I can’t.
I am thankful for warm baby cheeks, pressed to mine.
I am thankful for the big strong arms/hands of my fiancé – they are good for hugging.
I am thankful for all of our health.
I am thankful for advice, suggestions, wisdom that come from my in-laws.
I am thankful for a chance for a new day, every day so far.
I am thankful that there are churches everywhere so that I might find one that suits my family and me.
I am thankful for a paycheck that comes twice a month.
I am thankful for quiet nights.
But I’m also thankful for middle of the night feeds, when I can gaze at her sleepy face.
I am thankful for morning phone calls with my cousin.
I am thankful for inside jokes.
I am thankful for each and every sunrise, and that I may see it every morning on my way to work.
I am thankful for my gifts, even if I have not figured out how to use them.
I am thankful for silly moments with my fiancé.
I am thankful for moments when my fiancé brings me back down to earth.
I am thankful for mistakes that I may learn and grow.
I am thankful for the unplanned pregnancy I had because although the timing was off the gift is life-altering.
I am thankful for blue baby eyes and the cowlick in her hair.
I am thankful for our bedtime routine, when I get to spend one-on-one time with B.
I am thankful for the opportunities I get to show Bria that I love her.
I am thankful that I live in Memphis Tennessee; no matter how much I complain if we hadn’t moved here I wouldn’t have Michael or Brianna in my life.
And finally I am thankful that they are in my life. I can’t imagine an existence without them.

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