Saturday, March 3, 2012

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Pinterest Weekend

Let me just say that I have not browsed Pinterest all week (because I have been amazingly busy at work and at home) so I feel a little behind, and like I am letting my followers down. It's so silly how looking at pretty things makes my quiet times so happy.

(All things that I love)

I'm not a white plate kinda gal (everyday). Most days I like COLOR. I want one of each!

(All things for Bria)

Spray the monsters away with Monster Spray. Maybe she will be more apt to clean with this bottle  of monster spray? I know cleaning was never fun for me, when I was little so if she truly has her mama's personality, this will be needed.

(All things related to my imaginary dream home. Michael and I love the classic, rustic, repurposed, and slightly eclectic look.)

Gorgeous sliding open doors to the outside, letting in sunlight and fresh air. I LOVE!

MR. & MRS.
(All things related to Michael and I)

I want a short wedding dress. This one is a favorite so far!

(All things for the holidays. thanksgiving to Easter. Halloween and Christmas. I love 'em all!)

Should have done this for Valentine's day, at work. Cute idea!

(This pin board has to be my largest to date. I scrolled all the way to the bottom to grab something fresh and found this one.)

A possible craft in my future? Need to make these first for my 2012 Indoor Herb Garden! Needed: fabric and mod podge.

(All things decorate.)

Great ideas for a teenager's room: solar system mobile, map window shade, leather reading chair.

(Creative and clever ideas to make my life easier.)

To hang flowers near the sink/window. I dunno if this is a Problem Solved or a decor tip, but I like it anyway!

(All things digestive. If I had the chance to live a double life I wouldn't do illegal or immoral things. No, with no holes barred I would go to culinary school, move to Italy or France and chase after the culinary dream.)

This looks ridiculously good. It's called "Savory Cornmeal and Chive Waffles with Salsa and Eggs". Looks like a great brunch open-faced sandwich, and brunch happens to be M's and my favorite meal of the day. Idea: Okay, so I can't be a food blogger, but what if I do blog about all my favorite and best brunch experiences/meals? hm......

(All things worth remembering. I reference this page a lot.)

(All things pertaining to photography.)

Great blog post: What to Wear for Family Portraits.

(All over. every place. every where. This world is amazing.)

Cairo, Egypt. Number 1 place that I want to visit before I die. Let's make it a trip and go to Jerusalem too!!

(All about getting in shape and staying in shape, the right way and for the right reasons.)

I skipped this one on accident....... or was it an accident? ;)
Nobutseriously, I wish I could exercise in the mornings. I have this weird disability called Bed Fusion. I physically fuse to my bed when I lay down at night and it's painful to get out of bed in the morning, so I dunno how I'm gonna work that morning exercise thing......

(All animals. they are all beautiful. But you'll see a lot of elephants on this pin board -- they're my fav)

Pinner says: The lesser known of New York's canine heroes, comfort dogs, such as this golden retriever, help soothe those affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Similar to search-and-rescue dogs, comfort dogs travel to disaster scenes to aid relief efforts. Studies show that people experience physiological changes—such as a drop in heart rate and blood pressure—when they pet animals.

(Because you gotta laugh.)

(A place for all the weird and random stuff.)

47 Passenger mechanical elephant

(See my ideas that I have used, want to use, or will use for upcoming events I will take part in hosting).

Say hello to Bria's 1st Birthday colors! More planning pictures comin down the pike.

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