Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today, I have a crick in my neck. Actually it snuck upon me yesterday and now refuses to leave me be. A few months ago I had a bad crick in my neck and went to the doctor about it, so I'm taking the leftover meds from that event and have another appointment scheduled for today.

But I don't wanna get into the gloomy stuff. I'm in a good mood, with plenty of happy energy, but I am unable to move. I am using Michael's iPad to lay back and write this post, but a few minutes ago I was easily browsing pinterest (of course). I found a few interesting pins and had thoroughally enjoyed my pinning time, when I came across this picture:

I loved it. Instantly. And so I went to the website on the bottom of said pic. Took me here:

(check it out)

Which is when I found the great, simple, yet important movement. To sum it up: Life is a ripple effect. Why not spread love and happiness instead of hurt, anger, and sadness? When it's so easy to make someone smile, why wouldn't you? I found this list on the Day Makers Movement website and I just had to share. I'm going to start enacting these things immediately:

    How to make your mate's day

  1. Write a love letter and send it in the mail. Cost 37 cents. For a twist give it to someone traveling and have them send it from out of town.
  2. Send their parents flowers on your mate's birthday
  3. Rent a bicycle built for two for the weekend
  4. Offer to take over something they usually do (like cook dinner) when you know they are just too tired
  5. Break out the best china this week, especially with kids. It will create a special night for everyone
  6. Ladies- send him flowers at work today. How rare is it for a guy to get flowers? Very rare! They love it!
  7. How to make your child's day

  8. Turn off your cell phone when you get home
  9. Have flowers delivered on their birthday
  10. Create an herb garden together
  11. Frame their artwork and hang it in your home and office
  12. Write them a letter on their birthday. Put it in a safe place and give to them when they turn eighteen
  13. Create a ritual of watching sunsets with your child
  14. Don't bring worries home from the office. Create a worry hook outside your door to hang them at night
  15. Take your daughter for her first make-up lesson
  16. How to make your grandchild's day

  17. Send your grandchild a letter in the mail even if you live nearby.
  18. Telephone your grandchild regularly, and let them know you are calling especially to talk to them.
  19. If you live far away videotape yourself reading them a bedtime story.
  20. Keep a wall chart at your house to document how much they've grown.
  21. Make them a scrapbook of their parent's childhood. It will be a keepsake for them and their parents.
  22. How to make a stranger's day

  23. Put a quarter in a gumball machine and walk away.
  24. Let people merge in traffic today.
  25. Carry thank you notes with you. Write them out to waiters and waitresses. It will surprise them more than a big tip.
  26. Buy a roll of tickets at an amusement park and give them to seniors.
  27. Plug a parking meter that's expired.
  28. Help a stranger take their luggage off the carousel at the airport.
  29. Buy a bike for your local children's shelter.
  30. Send flowers to the senior's home.
  31. Buy gift certificates to a car wash and leave them on the windshield of needy cars.
  32. Leave a flower at a bus stop.
  33. Buy gift certificates to an ice cream shop and give them out on a hot day.
  34. How to be a Daymaker at work

  35. Offer to pick up lunch for someone you know is swamped.
  36. If you have an SUV offer to pick up others on a snowy day
  37. Pass the bouquet. Give someone special a bouquet and have them pass it on to someone else the following day. It's a week of Daymaking with one bouquet.
  38. Create a Daymaker of the year award at work.
  39. Have everyone bring in their high school graduation picture to post on the bulletin board.
  40. Write a thank you note to the boss. It's lonely at the top. Everyone needs to know they're appreciated for their work.
  41. Acknowledge promotions; send a card to the employee's home.
  42. Offer to drive someone home you know could use a ride.
  43. Pool your money together and buy someone a spa day as a thank you.
  44. Bring in a massage therapist to do chair massages. This is especially great for accounting firms in April.
  45. Post an employee's baby picture and let everyone guess who it is.
  46. At a monthly meeting have everyone in the room say something nice about whoever has a birthday that month.
  47. Make your own day first

  48. Tonight make your home a spa. It's a great way to melt stress. You will need your favorite soothing music, scented candles, bath salts/oils, calming tea, and your favorite robe. Unplug the phone, put the kids to sleep and enjoy two hours of bliss.
  49. Buy live flowers on your way home tonight.
  50. Take a nap this Sunday.
  51. Call someone JUST to say, "I love you and I'm glad you are in my life."
  52. Watch the sunset tonight.
  53. Turn off the ringer on your phone during dinner.
  54. Be an optimist today. Look on the bright side of everything that comes your way today. Repeat it tomorrow.
  55. Get a wonderful scalp massage and a new haircut. It's a great sense of renewal.

I want to start doing this. Both anonymously, and with those able to see (in hopes they are touched to pay it forward). I will post my Daymaker (anonymous/known) acts, and please feel free to share yours with me.


  1. Last week, while my bf was asleep (because he works the night shift, he sleeps til 6pm), I went to the store and got the ingredients to make his favorite meal and had it ready for him when he woke up.

    1. Perfect – no better way an thru someone’s stomach. I often times make my husband’s favorite meal when I know he’s had a rough week, or to celebrate. I’m definitely a believer in cooking with love – makes the food taste that much better.
      Okay, sorry for the cheesiness there, but its so true.