Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bria is three weeks and 1 day old.

We’re 9 days away from moving.

Michael’s 26th birthday is 41 days away.

Labor Day is 25 days away (possibly looking forward to a visit from Mamaw and Papaw Boyd).

About 68 more days until I go back to work.

Bria had a brief stint with concerning spit up; she would spit up her entire meal almost after every feeding. I called the pedi and meant to go in but after doing some research, plus some of my own trial and error, I think I’ve eased the problem. I breastfeed Brianna for most of the day with a few bottle of sensitive stomach formula as well – in the formula I add a few gas drops. She seems to be doing much better.

Now I’m keeping an eye on her bowel movements. She only goes number two once a day, but is still doing plenty of wet diapers – so I know she’s not dehydrated. From what I’ve read having one bowel movement isn’t a bad thing so as long as she’s doing one then I’ll be content.

I’ve gone out with her twice. Once to Walgreens and once to the grocery store. Walgreens was successful – I bought what I needed and she slept the entire time. The grocery store turned out to be quite an event. She was sleeping soundly at first and I thought I might be good to go. But when I was trying to find the last item on my list she woke up and started wailing bloody murder… and nothing could calm her. It wouldn’t have been so bad if SOMETHING worked to calm her, and if everyone wasn’t starring at me is if I were beating my child. I ended up abandoning the grocery cart and heading out… and as soon as I got her into the car she calmed down.


For now I’ll have to get nice folks to go grocery shopping for me, or go with Michael.

Before giving birth I absolutely loved my body – being pregnant made me feel great, physically. But the view I have on my body now isn’t as positive. I gave birth three weeks and one day ago, and so far I’ve lost 8 lbs. When we move into our new apartment we will have a nice, new gym to use and I hope to do. And when my doctor and the pediatrician give the go-ahead I plan on using the jogging stroller. I have 31 more pounds to lose, and I hope to accomplish this by the New Year: That’s 4.6 pounds to lose every day for the next 143 days. Yikes. Besides being happy with my weight I’m also giving myself an incentive to make it: a cute NYE dress and maybe a spa day. Considering how badly my back has started to hurt I’d do just about anything for a spa day.

Stay tuned because I intend to do some before, during, and after photos of myself. Exposing myself and taking accountability for my body will definitely keep me motivated to stay on track.

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