Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mama's first day.

Today is my first day being home alone with Bria. Our day so far has been comprised of  eating and napping. During her short naps I’m working on cleaning the playroom – but Bria doesn’t sleep long on her own so my bouts of cleaning are only 5-15 min. long. If I hold her she’ll nap for an hour, so here I am, typing this one handed.

We’re 18 days away from moving into our new apartment and we can’t wait! It’s not that we don’t appreciate where we’re staying; it’s just very difficult living out of boxes with a newborn. I have her necessities but I’ve lost my own. My phone charger was lost in the move so my cell is dead. Luckily I don’t need many clothes; I find that wearing Michael’s button down shirts are the most comfortable. They’re easy to open for breastfeeding, and they’re baggy enough to keep me cool (Memphis is HOT right now with temps over 100 everyday). Plus it seems like Michael has plenty of them.

Dunno if the temp was really 112, but it felt like it.

Bria is a beautiful week and six day old baby girl. Staring at her is something I could do all day and night. She does smell like breast milk (heck, we both do) due to spit-ups… but we’re establishing a night time routine that I hope will eventually help her to sleep on her own, through the night. Every night Bria gets a bath with me, and Michael helps. She doesn’t like baths naturally, and will cry if put in the baby tub. So I fill the regular tub 2/3 the way full with warm water, then I get in myself. I hold her the whole time and Michael helps me to wash her up. I think the being held part calms her down and she gets thru bath time much easier. After the bath, and after drying her off, I give her a baby massage. Again, she doesn’t like this much (what does she like? Being held and fed, and sleeping in my arms) but it does seem to wear her out and eventually calm her down. Lastly I put on a clean diaper and a swaddle sack… then we’re ready for bed! The last two nights weren’t so bad. She slept thru the entire night on Sunday, and last night she only woke up once for a feeding.

Some reasons to laugh? We’ll there’s a bunch but right now Michael and I are cracking up at her bodily functions. Rivers of spit up, projectile poop, adult-loud farts, cute hiccups, etc. what’s not so funny? Her “sleep talking”. Its cute but it’s so loud it keeps us up!

Anyway, I love my family and couldn’t ask for anyone more perfect than my little girl and her daddy. I COULD go for a good hour of free time to clean and another hour to run errands… oh well! I’m a stinky, behind on everything, happy mama.

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