Friday, September 9, 2011

I may be pushing it and I might need to do myself a favor and lay down before I test this luck too much and realize how dumb I am three hours later sans sleep. But I’m gonna try to make this quick.
I’m referring to my lucky streak of a sleeping baby! IN her crib. Wahoo! We are 2 hours in and rocking on. Since Monday we’ve been trying this whole crib thing. Monday was okay, Tuesday was TERRIBLE, Wednesday was good, Thursday was AMAZINGLY terrible. Will Friday be a winner?
Anyway, I’m hoping for some headway here because my strange nightly sleeping patterns are doing no one any favors (except that she slept so terribly last night that she had a super ultra deep sleep nap today that gave me enough time to straighten my hair and feel pretty again).
Today we ventured to the mall (which brought two things to my attention: ONE, that it takes me 2 hours to get ready to go anywhere with baby now and TWO, instead of listening to the local rock station like I used to now I’m blaring white noise in the hopes it’ll calm sweet Bria down)! It was nice to get out and walk around, especially with such nice weather we’ve been having lately. Michael and I looked at wedding bands, I tried on some different frames, and I received a belated birthday present. Check it.
(Bytheway, no I don't know why my hand looks blue. I promise my hand usually looks a normal-human shade of olive)

I’ve been wanting a watch ever since I got my blackberry. In the past I would tell time using my cell phone, because it was on me 100% of the time. Because I hate my blackberry I don’t keep it nearby like I would have in the past so therefore I am a time-clueless moron. My sweet man intended to buy a watch for me for my birthday but I made it difficult (I have a hard time letting people buy me presents because, although I’d love to have them). But we finally made it to the mall and HERE is my beautiful watch (classic, preppy, and will match my traditional wedding band)!
Tomorrow we’re headed to the Germantown Festival. I’m really excited to get out and about again; being stuck at home is not for me. Brianna loves the outings too (except for the car part); anything that has to do with her being in the baby backpack and me walking around (she doesn’t like me to be stationary) is her cup of tea.
Hopefully some pictures will be on the way too. I left my Canon EOS D40 at Michael’s dad’s house so I need to make a quick trip to pick up the big lug.
(She’s STILL sleeping!!)  

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