Sunday, September 18, 2011

My sweet babies are napping, so I’m using this time to get some things done. First on the list? Blogging.
Now let me say one thing: I don’t know how stay-at-home moms make it work. And by “it” I mean = taking care of baby, getting household chores done, making dinner, groom themselves, and having extra time for fun/creative/crafty things. Perhaps when their children are a little bigger and they don’t need constant feeding/soothing/playing/holding. Don’t get me wrong; I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom. Spending this invaluable time with my Bria has me wishing I didn’t have to go back to work next month… but even if I were to stay home I don’t know how I’d get anything done. She naps, yes… but I can usually only get one load of laundry done during said nap and that’s if I’m lucky. I feel like I have so much to do and such little time to do it all. Thank goodness I have a wonderfully helpful fiancé; he helps me in every facet of our home lives. And God bless him; he helps while dealing with a crying baby and a hormonal fiancé. Geesh.

In other news, we brought Peyton home! Peyton is Michael’s black and white fluffy cat. He’s adapting well but we think it’ll be a while before he’s feeling “at home” here. Picture soon to come.

Lack of pictures making you a frustrated reader? Well my point n shoot camera doesn’t work anymore. It won’t turn on, regardless of how long I charge it. The thing isn’t even a year old so I’m gonna try to take care of that situation soon.

Brianna will be two months old on Tuesday! We’ll also go to the pediatrician on Tuesday for her two month check up (which consists of her first round of immunization shots… I’ve heard those things leaves babies wailing crying and sleepy. Wish me luck). The Home Front 2 Month Update: She’s sleeping in her crib! It took a good two weeks of crying (baby and mama) and very long nights before she got the hang of it but now we’re looking at 5-7 hours of crib sleeping a night. I still wake up 2-3x a night, depending, but it’s wonderful to be back in bed with The Man. Also, when she is on her tummy she holds her head up while pushing against the mattress with her hands – and this happens for a good 10-12 seconds at a time. She is also sitting forward on her own (while holding mom’s hands and sitting at a 45 degree angle on mom’s lap)! She’s smiling, giggling, and we’re seeing the beginning stages of cooing too (she keeps saying “guh guh guh”). Her happiest moments are in the mornings, or after naps. When she sleeps well her wake times are better. On a bad note B still isn’t liking the bottle (VERIFICATION: she had no issues with the bottle and formula for the first month. After month one she would have no part of it). Starting tomorrow we’re doing a hardcore bottle training (like we did with the crib). It’s gonna make for an interesting (and hungry) week, but it must be done.

MOSTLY because it’s Michael’s 26th birthday this week (Wednesday to be exact)! The man of my dreams and I are going to celebrate this upcoming weekend and Grandma Balla will be babysitting our sweet Bria. In an attempt to make our first night out (and B’s first real babysitting experience) a good one, we need to get her used to the bottle (and pacifier would help too). As far as birthday plans go? Well, it will be our FIRST date night since Brianna was born (two months!) so we’re gonna do the usual dinner and a movie. M still has yet to decide which restaurant he wants to go to; if anyone has suggestions, leave them in the comments. Regardless of where we go, what movie we watch, what we eat, or what we do… I’m excited to spend some time with my future hubs, sans baby. We love her but we also love each other and we definitely need some “us” time.

On the fitness front, we’re doing pretty well. Within the past week I brought my run time down 5 minutes per mile. I’m still only at 15 min/mile but it feels good regardless. Michael and I try to spend an hour at the gym three days a week (although going more often would be wonderful, we just don’t have the time). Grandma Balla comes to watch B during that time and as far as I can tell she enjoys doing so. We’re sticking to our meal plan… kinda. We’ve switched up a few days and cut some corners here and there but we stick to healthy eats whenever we can.

My project list is a mile long and I still wish I had more time to get things done. Right now I’m looking at: Painting B’s room, buying and hanging curtains and rods, and creating a Craft Corner. I’m hoping I’ll have a working camera soon so I can show you step by step how I’m getting these things done.

Anyway, that’s all I can think to write right now. I’m sorry it takes me forever to write posts; life is just busy! I can’t wait for everyone to meet my little angel (those who haven’t yet met her) and we’re thinking she’ll meet just about everyone during the next few months (weddings and trips galore). Stay tuned and keep coming back! Maybe one of these days you’ll have some visuals to go by (pictures).


  1. I've been doing it for almost 17 months now with twins and I'm not sure how I get it all done. I am an obsessive launderer and cleaner. It's not easy, but it does get easier. As for shots, just be prepared with a bottle or something to soothe. Every baby reacts differently...some cry a lot and some get over it quickly. Take care.

  2. I don't know how working moms get it all done, I'm so thankful that I'm a stay at home mom. I don't get it all done all the time but I'm getting better at juggling it all. Somethings get easier as they are older and some things get harder to be honest. I miss the days that I could just stick Ayden in a bouncer and get the dishes done! Now I have two running around and getting everything out as soon as I've picked it up but I wouldn't change it for the world! Good luck with the bottles, neither one of my kids ever took them very well. Actually Ayden never took one and Zach would only drink from it if it wasnt milk, ie water or watered juice as he got older. Congrats on crib sleeping!

  3. I know you are busy and I'm sorry for calling you so much I just miss my baby Bria and cousin of course. I am so excited I get to know what's going on though on here so keep them coming when you have time. I'm glad you and Michael get to go out on a date night! We have a lot to catch up on but it can wait I know. We must talk Sunday evening...we should plan a date night while football is on? You let me know what time I would love to skype and see my little girl well technically your little girl but still...miss you my darling cousin!