Sunday, July 17, 2011

I wanted to share two DIY projects I accomplished recently, even though I don't have pictures. I plan on taking photos soon and putting them up, but in the meantime I have inspiration photos that can give yall an idea of what it is I've done.

First I made some wall art for Bria's nursery. I'll put pictures up when we're actually moved in and the wall art is on the wall. But this project was SIMPLE, CHEAP, and UNIQUE -- three key words that I love. I went to Hancock fabrics, bought 4 embroidery hoops (3 medium sized, one large) and then browsed the fabric sample wall. These samples are about 1'x1' large and came in a variety of colors/patterns. I chose one pattern that is loud and fun, while the others are simple and pull colors from the original pattern. The pattern samples were only $1.99 (and are refundable if I choose not to use them)! The fun, busy, pattern that I chose has all the colors that I wanted to use originally (yellow, green, blue, bright white, and even pops of red), and the simple patterns are basic yellow or white. I want to go back and get one or two more sample fabrics of the pops of red or blue, and create appliqu├ęs to sew onto the finished embroidery hoop.
So you insert one square of sample fabric into each embroidery hoop and VOILA... you have wall art! Check out the following examples:

See the appliques on the first and the last one? I want to add something similar -- maybe a bird or a flower.
Easy, unique, and cheap. Love. :) Total cost for 1 hoop? $5 (medium) and $7 for large. = $25!

Secondly I created a Thank You Basket for the nurses that will be taking care of Bria and I while we're in the hospital. I made 2 baskets -- one for the labor and delivery nurses, and one for the postpartum nurses. I got the idea from, while reading one of the forums. So I did a little research and found that nurses really love snacks. They also really love lotions because they wash their hands a million times a day. SO... off to the Dollar Store, I went.
I bought two mini laundry-baskets (one in blue, one in green. cute!), and stock piled the snacks. I also bought 1 bottle of notion for each basket (because I couldn't find smaller, individual bottles). The result is a messy basket full of food items that is not at all pretty... which is why there are no pictures yet! I want to organize the treats, and maybe add some ribbon/fabric/colored DIY thank you card -- something to tie it all together. But at least they're made and we can grab-n-go if Bria should show up early.
In the meantime, check out these pictures as inspiration:

I wish mine looked as organized and delicious as these do! The first one especially. Total cost of the Thank You baskets? $1 per basket, $9 worth of goodies = $10 per basket x 2 = $20 for 2 baskets!

Other items on my DIY list: make curtains and make Bria's mobile.
Stay tuned!

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