Sunday, July 3, 2011

Updates! plus MILF inspiration...

It’s hard to want to blog when there is so much going on and still so much to do. To recap:

-I interviewed our first pediatrician today, Dr. Robert Higginbotham with Pediatrics East. I was referred to him by a friend of mine and Dr. Higginbotham was helpful, friendly, and accommodating.  We may interview one more pediatrician before making our decision but that should be happening soon.

-We had our last baby shower, which was held at my office and was hosted by my coworkers. They themed the shower “tropical”, had a tropical cake that read “You are my happy, Brianna” (LOVED IT!), and I hafta say it was probably the best shower EVER at CB. Not just saying that cause I’m biased. They also created a slideshow with pictures of me, Michael, us together,  other important people in my life, and Baby Bria pics (ultrasound). It made me cry, yes it did.

-I turned 25! The same day as the shower was my 25th  birthday. I felt so loved by so many people. The only reason why next year will be better is because Bria will be here to give me kisses. J I’m jealous of Michael who will be celebrating his birthday a month after she’s here. So lucky. J He did buy me an Adele CD for my birthday (of which I’m listening to right now). LOVE.

-With the last shower over and done with Michael and I got to doing the returns, and also started using our gift cards. With that money we got a camcorder (family videos here we come!), a jogging stroller (which we need to return due to a broken speaker), a side sleeper pillow (ahhhhh… sleep. It’s so awfully nice to meet you again.), a breast pump (electric, one side at a time), breast pads (box of 75), crib mattress, and we’re not done yet.

-We’ve continued our house search… with no luck thus far. We have more to look at so our new home is bound to come up soon.

-I had my first night of false labor contractions. False labor contractions = we almost thought we had to go to the hospital. Period cramp-like pains that I could time and that went on for two hours. I went to bed and woke up the next morning, not in labor. I’m guessing the best bet that I’ll be going into true labor is that I won’t be able to go to sleep (still hoping my water breaks or my mucus plug comes out; something definite that I can bank on).

-I swell almost every day. My feet, ankles, and legs are swelling like crazy. I try to drink tons of water, and keep my feet elevated... otherwise there's not much I can do. It's the nature of the beast, right!

-I’m going out today with my mom to buy a few craft things for the baby’s room. When I’m done with said projects I’ll share with you all. Thing: wall art, fitted baby sheet, curtains.

-I’ve started a Fitness Inspiration folder on my computer. GOAL: to return to the best shape of my life postpartum. Baby Bria will be my priority but for her sake I want to be in shape. I want to commit to something that is difficult for me to commit to and I want to succeed.

And that’s where I’m going to leave you for now. Check out some of my fitness inspiration: 

So powerful! And I love the sign above/behind her.

I will always have a big butt, so I love this.


Need to remind myself of this when I start running again; cause I know I'll feel like a snail.

Portion plate

MILF Pledge!!!

Amen. Me = sweaty and bright bright red, after a good workout.

My favorite.

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  1. I found your blog from thebump and I love it! I may have to copy some of your ideas - they are so cute! Also, love the name you picked for your daughter - good luck and I can't wait to see your future posts.