Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday's Copy and Paste


Yes, I'm a little behind. Cut me some slack! I've got a lot going on.

Today's Copy and Paste was inspired by Creativity. The following are things I'd like to make for Bria at some point during her life. So excited!

I hope she enjoys baking sweet treats with me!

Every kid needs a dinosaur tail.

Tissue paper pom poms -- decor for her room (not in gray).

Bria's future mobile.

Melted snowman cookies.

A bapron!

Cute headbands.

Embroidery hoop wall art (not these colors/fabrics).

Baby sling!

Butterfly snack bags -- for packed lunches.

Teether necklace.

That's it for now folks. Once I actually get started on these projects I'll post my process and final products. Wish me luck!

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