Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting to know Bria.
Our sweet daughter is 6 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days old today. I just can't believe it. Time doesn't exist anymore when you think about long term -- it seems like so long ago, and just yesterday, that she was born. Since that day she came into the world I have been striving to know her. As she grows, her personality is revealed more and more. It's a wonderful thing getting to know your children and I am looking forward to the day she begins to talk (I know, I may regret saying that later). I can't wait to know what's on her mind.

Here are a few quirky little things I've noticed about my dear daughter, so far:

-Sometimes I tuck her under my left arm when I feed her, which means her right arm is tucked behind me. She loves to keep her free, left arm out in the air.
I'm wearing shorts. You just can't see them. :\

-She looks like her dad but acts like her mom. And this includes my good AND bad personality traits. One major similarity is that she has "pata de perro", which translates to "foot of the dog". My hispanic grandfather would say this to describe someone who is always on the go, and who could never sit still. "You only come home to eat and sleep", he would say. B is like this in that she is always going. She is definitely not an easy going, laid back, child. She is bouncing, skooting, rolling, or crying because she wants to go somewhere.

Always on the go!

-She just recently started getting up on her hands and knees (YAY!),


but she has been sleeping on her knees, butt in the air, for a few weeks now.

-She is allergic to cinnamon. But she has decided she loves bananas.
Snacking on 'nanas.

Wasn't sure at first.

We've got a smile!
-She wasn't sure about Cheerios at first either, but now she likes those too.

-Her favorite TV show (which usually populates our television in the early morning when she is wide awake and daddy/mommy are still trying to wake up) is Bubble Guppies.

-She has learned the manipulative cry. And she also used fake coughing to get attention (drama queen!).

-She is measured as above average length, which means as of 6 months of age B is pretty tall.

-She loves her books.

LOL. Funny face.

-Her hair fell out but then grew back again. It's a medium brown and can look blonde or dark brown, depending.

-Bria's parents are a little wacky.

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