Saturday, February 4, 2012

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(All things that I love)

This is such a fun idea; Cupcake Fondue Party. Could be fun for when Bria has slumber parties?

(All things for Bria)

I would love if we could (one day) have a play room for B. This idea came from The Play At Home Blog, which I am now following on blogger, and also on Pinterest. This lady, who is a former teacher, has SO. MANY. good ideas. I wish I could be a play at home mom!

(All things related to my imaginary dream home. Michael and I love the classic, rustic, repurposed, and slightly eclectic look.)

I love the glass cabinet doors!!

MR. & MRS.
(All things related to Michael and I)

What a great idea. Parachute rental, and it's only about $35!

(All things for the holidays. thanksgiving to Easter. Halloween and Christmas. I love 'em all!)

What a great idea for [an adult] Halloween! Alien Brain Hemorrhage cocktail. Fill a shot glass halfway with peach schnapps. Gentry pour Bailey's Irish Cream on top. After the shot is almost full, carefully add a small amount of blue curacao. After it settles, add a few drops of grenadine syrup.  Check it.

(This pin board has to be my largest to date. I scrolled all the way to the bottom to grab something fresh and found this one.)

It's been warm here lately, which has me thinking spring is near (hopefully!), and I would love to start growing my first herb garden this year. Along that thought I found this tutorial. I don't have many of the supplies but I love the look of these herb markers!

(All things decorate.)

I absolutely love this idea. I'm all about neutral base colors (like in the below picture, dusty blue walls and clean white trim) with pops of color in the decor (plates). I especially like unique display; they aren't in a normal horizontal, rectangular shape, but instead flow very well around the lamp and chunky drawer table. Love it. I saw something similar on TV (regarding Martha Stewart's new pie shop), and instead of plates, antique pie pans were used. I hope I can do this one day.

(Creative and clever ideas to make my life easier.)

We haven't had this problem yet, but for a mom and dad who hope to have a few more kids, this idea might come in handy one day during game nights!

(All things digestive. If I had the chance to live a double life I wouldn't do illegal or immoral things. No, with no holes barred I would go to culinary school, move to Italy or France and chase after the culinary dream.)

I am obsessed with fried eggs. Pre-Bria, I never really cared for them (actually, I don't think I had even tasted a fried egg at that point). During my pregnancy I wasn't crazy for eggs in general. But since Bria was born I LOVE fried eggs (more than scrambled)! This sandwich looks like it's right up my alley.

Fried egg Avocado BLT.

(All things worth remembering. I reference this page a lot.)

This may seem light hearted, but I believe this is probably the cure for many of life's stresses.

(All things pertaining to photography.)


(All over. every place. every where. This world is amazing.)

Cave of Melody, Scotland. God -- the Great Architect. 

(All about getting in shape and staying in shape, the right way and for the right reasons.)

(All animals. they are all beautiful. But you'll see a lot of elephants on this pin board -- they're my fav)

Is it sad that I would probably wear these glasses?

(Because you gotta laugh.)

Michael and I both laugh out loud when we see this. If I need a laugh, this is one of my go-to's.

(A place for all the weird and random stuff.)

Actually... I want this. Would totally come in handy when we get back into camping!

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