Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Pinterest Weekend

This weekend's PINTEREST WEEKEND is a little different. Instead of displaying one pin per board, I'm doing a Wedding theme.

M and I don't have a definite date yet, on when we'll be hosting our reception, or vow renewal, but we do know it's something we want to do. We missed out on that part of our relationship, so when the time is right, and things fall into place, we want to host a get-together that encompasses everything we want in a party.

One thing I'm all about is fun. I want our guests to have fun, whether that means eating delicious food all night, drinking the signature cocktails, dancing to great music, or... playing games...

We're looking at all of our options, and in doing so we're aiming for an autumn wedding, so hosting an outside wedding is definitely in the cards. We're also thinking there could be a good number of kids (ahem, we have our own!) so adding games to the mix kind of makes sense. Check out these idea:

Fans with couple-themed crossword!
If we WERE crazy enough to do a summer wedding
in Memphis, this would work.

Table game! I SPY. Supply each guest with a disposable camera
and give them a list of I SPY's. Have them drop off the disposables
before they leave. Get ready to develop a ton of great pics!

Some of the I SPY's if you can't read them: Group photo of everyone
at your table, Someone making a toast, Bride and groom kissing, favorite decoration,
a little kiss, a great big hug, holding hands, laughter, etc.

We love Words with Friends, so why not bring it to life in
a big way?

Fun. And possibly even more fun after a few drinks?

Even cornhole can be classy.

I love the idea of a photobooth. If the weather is nice, why not have a couch,
as backdrop in the photo booth? Get a box with props,
and let the fun begin.

More outdoor photobooth ideas.

Finally, miniture golf. BTW, I also like the look of
that bride's short wedding dress. LOVE!

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