Monday, January 23, 2012

Brianna turned six months old on January 20th.

She still has blue eyes. That is one thing that has not changed.

She is gaining weight! Look at that chubb!

She has so many different faces now. ^Motivation



Beautiful girl...

with a beautiful smile.

She can roll over; front to back and back to front.

She triest to hold her own bottle, but still hasn't gotten the hang of it.

She's having a hard time transitioning over to solid foods; she's a picky eater but EVERY solid food we give her = constipation.

She sleeps through the night, in her own crib.

She has a light rash on her left arm and elbow; we're going to ask the Dr. about this soon.

Her hair is growing back: medium brown with a little bit of auburnish subtones.

She is a happy baby -- always smiling and laughing.

She especially loves watching Peyton (the cat), when daddy plays Airplane with her (and zooms her around the room like she's an airplane), and bath time. We recently played with glow sticks in the bath and she had a blast.

She doesn't watch football with daddy as much as she used to, but she does like books. She will hit and swat at them.

Everything goes into her mouth, including her toes.

She can sit, with help (boppy pillow or my hand).

She hasn't figured out crawling yet, but she sleeps with her knees tucked under her belly. Once she can figure out how to do that when she's awake we might just have a mobile baby.

I entered B into this contest a week or so ago and havent thought about it since. But now that we're in the running I've decided to put any winning money into her college fund. Please vote for Bria! Every single vote helps.

Come vote for my child in this week's Parents Photo Faves contest!

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