Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So… you’ve heard me rave about, right? I have loved that website as a resource and have used it since the first day I found out I was pregnant. I frequent the community boards so that I can complain/ask questions to the other moms with babies around Bria’s age. We are all going thru the same things and we are all asking the same questions we’re afraid to ask our real-life references. We also complain about everything mom’s complain about (too much unwanted advice from the peanut gallery, feeling like your toes are being stepped on as a mom, tacky girly clothes, insane/funny/sweet stories about motherhood).
Anyway, I was on there today and I saw a forum topic about losing weight. Now that the New Year is here we are all trying to lose the baby weight. Most of us have stopped breastfeeding so the weight loss isn’t as easy as it was. The holidays are over and the warm weather is a few months away. As moms of the 21st century we feel the need to be super moms: good parents to our children but fit, sexy, and in shape.

So, as a group we are losing weight and keeping track of the weight. Below is the Week Zero information sheet I submitted:

Week 0- Getting to know you (reply with as little or as much as you want)
Name: Marie
Age: 25
Location: Memphis TN
Weight Loss Goal (# of pounds you want to lose): 20 lbs (2-3 pant sizes)
Weight Loss Plan: 30 Day Shred & dieting
Info.: Married to a hottie ;), Michael. Our daughter is our first child and she is Bria. Cat = Peyton and dog = Rigby.
Hobbies or Unique facts about yourself: Have traveled all over the world pre-marriage/pregnancy. Italy, Greece, Germany, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sipan, Hawaii, China, as well as 12 states. Michael and I can't wait to travel to the ends of the earth with our family (Bria has already been to 3 states)!
Other information : GOOD LUCK, LADIES!

And while I was filling this information out I realized something.

Brianna was unplanned but I really was ready for her. I had a lot accomplished before getting pregnant and really am not missing out on a lot of anything now, post baby. I don’t need people feeling bad for me or reminding me how different my life has turned out to be because really… it isn’t THAT much different.

Let me clarify.
Having a baby does change EVERYTHING.

But it changes all of the small things and how you think and your priorities. Everything that SHOULD change, DOES change regardless of when you give birth.  
As far as my life experiences… I have experienced all that I wanted to experience. For those moms who have their children early, they might possibly miss out on: stupid, all night partying, traveling, making stupid mistakes with little to no repercussions, etc. They miss out on being selfish and self-centered. And what I realize now is that no, I didn’t miss out on anything. The natural progression of my life led me here and I am exactly where I am meant to be. Because I did things out of order has no effect on where I am and how I got here and what all I may have missed. I traveled, I went to college (and no I didn’t graduate but I don’t think I would have even without baby), I partied ( a lot), I have met a million different types of people and different types of beliefs. My mind has been closed and then opened again. I have gone as far away from God as one could get and I have traveled back to kneel before him. I have learned important life lessons by living on my own, and I have learned the importance of humility and grace. And I have a lot more still to learn. I have been to Asia, Europe, and to many many states. I have seen most of the world and made most mistakes young people make. I have learned to say sorry and how to forgive. I have learned what a family should be, and what a family shouldn't be. I have learned what love really means and now I’m learning how to make a marriage work. It just makes sense that I learn to grow a family, and how to raise a child. My life is flowing exactly as God intended it to. If He’s happy, then I’m happy. J

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