Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Personal Mission Statement. I got this idea from THIS blog, where the blogauthor displayed his personal manifesto. I read over his points and truly got to thinking about my life. At first I started listing things off that, as a mom, I want to hold myself accountable for but then I got to thinking: I am a deliberate mother but I am MORE than just a mother. My husband, my faith, my job, my personal desires, and goals. These are all parts of me…

And I suddenly felt the need to create goal that address all of these things.

Without further ado, My Personal Mission Statement:

-Nurture Brianna’s strengths, no matter what my desire for her is.

-Draw energy and happiness when I get home, even when work has been taxing.

-Manage my weaknesses at work, so that they become strengths.

-Pursue passion in my marriage.
-Seek adventure and creativity as a parent.

-Focus on fitness for myself and for my family.

-Consistently be an example of joy to everyone I know and love.

-Depend on God for support when my joy bank seems empty.

-Laugh, every day.
-Cultivate a love of learning for Brianna.
-Listen. To Bria, to Michael, to others, to God.

-Invigorate myself with fresh air, and purposefully expose Brianna to the outdoors.

What is your personal Mission Statement, for your life? What do you want to do, and for whom, and why? We all have a hard time creating goals that need to be achieved on a daily basis cause hell… we have bad days. We have cranky days. We have tired days. If we all tried a little bit harder to remember the why’s and who’s, maybe our relationships will be that much better. Don’t take each other for granted. Don’t take each day for granted.

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