Sunday, January 29, 2012

iPhone update.

Because I don't wanna waste my precious baby-time spent on the computer, I've decided to do a quick iPhone update (yay for the app!).

Some photos attached:
-B chewing' on her snack net thing (the real name of it escapes me). She's loving bananas!

-picture of the new basket I got to store B's toys in the living room (50% off at kohl's!). Books, blocks, rolling, noise makers -- now they all have a place.

This simple living room organizer has me yearning to organize the rest of our lives/home. I wish I could but considering we won't be staying here more than a year, I'd rather start at our next abode. Can't wait.

Also, yes that tv stand needs dusting. I realize that. Don't judge me. ;)

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