Friday, January 20, 2012

Pinterest Weekend
(All things that I love)

I love this -- it speaks the truth to me. Kids are so excited about life; watching B proves that to me every day. I need to recapture this excitement.

(All things for Bria)

I am totally doing this when B starts school. :) Such a good idea!
Have each teacher secretly sign "Oh, the Places You'll Go" from Pre-K to High School at the end of each year and give it to your child at graduation.

(All things related to my imaginary dream home. Michael and I love the classic, rustic, repurposed, and slightly eclectic look.)

I love everything that's happening here: blue subway tiles, chopping block countertops, open shelves, and a blackboard.

MR. & MRS.
(All things related to Michael and me)

Whenever M and I can plan our "reception", we want pie instead of cake. Cherry, pecan, apple, chocolate dream, blueberry, multi-berry, peach, etc. We love pie (and, isnt it fabulously rustic?)!

(All things for the holidays. thanksgiving to Easter. Halloween and Christmas. I love 'em all!)

Such a fun idea for a birthday party or the 4th of July!
Stenciled and flour!

(This pin board has to be my largest to date. I scrolled all the way to the bottom to grab something fresh and found this one.)

I can't wait to try this one out. No, really... I CAN'T. WAIT. Brianna is teething now, so I need to get on the ball and make this teether necklace. Seems easy enough!

(All things decorate.)

I love this idea. Such an easy, and subtle way to add some pizzaz to a room.

Same color paint, just use gloss for design.

(Creative and clever ideas to make my life easier.)

I need one of these.
One Trip Grip - Bag Holder
(All things digestive. If I had the chance to live a double life I wouldn't do illegal or immoral things. No, with no holes barred I would go to culinary school, move to Italy or France and chase after the culinary dream.)

One of my favorite types of muffins is lemon poppyseed. So when I saw this recipe I died a little. I will not live life wholly, until I eat these.

Lemon Poppyseed pancakes

(All things worth remembering. I reference this page a lot.)

I love this quote. Love love love.

(All things pertaining to photography.)

So easy! If you want great pictures, and if you have an SLR, use this tip!
simple portrait setup -- need a reflector! You can use an automotive window shade - the pop out kind - which are super cheap at the auto parts store.

(All over. every place. every where. This world is amazing.)

New York

(All about getting in shape and staying in shape, the right way and for the right reasons.)

Im doing the 30 day shred! Hopefully I'll have results like this!
30 Day Shred inspiration

(All animals. they are all beautiful. But you'll see a lot of elephants on this pin board -- they're my fav)

The Lions Mane Jellyfish is the largest jellyfish in the world. They have been swimming in arctic waters since before the dinosaurs (over 650 million years ago) and are among some of the oldest surviving species in the world. The largest can come in at about 6 meters and has tentacles over 50 meters long. Pretty amazing when you think these things have been swimming around for so long.

(Because you gotta laugh.)

(A place for all the weird and random stuff.)



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    1. Rachel, this was made before I truly knew how Pinterest worked. In my more recent posts you can see that I did link back to the original pin. Which one is yours and what is the URL? I will be happy to link back to you.

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