Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pinterest Weekend
(All things that I love)

I loved this show! 

(All things for Bria)

Colored Glass Ice: fill balloons with water, food coloring, and then freeze. Break balloon. Take outside to play in the snow. How fun!

(All things related to my imaginary dream home. Michael and I love the classic, rustic, repurposed, and slightly eclectic look.)

What an awesome work table/craft table. Although my dream would be to have a huge, chunky, distressed, "white washed" painted farmers table as a craft table... this idea is good too.

Two hollow core doors ($25 ea.), 4 Walmart book cases ($16 ea).

MR. & MRS.
(All things related to Michael and me)

Such a simple decor! Wine glass lamps. Drop a candle in a wine glass, then put this frosty looking shade over -- easy!

(All things for the holidays. thanksgiving to Easter. Halloween and Christmas. I love 'em all!)

25 Random Acts of Kindness for the 25 Days of Christmas. Such a good, good idea. I hope I have the means to do this with Bria when she's a little older. I love making people smile through easy, yet unexpected ways.

(This pin board has to be my largest to date. I scrolled all the way to the bottom to grab something fresh and found this one.)

Recycled wine bottle glass. How fun! I should start doing this now so that I have Christmas presents ready, or decor for our reception.

Of course, it wouldn't be fair to me to post something I want to make without then posting a pin, showing how to make it.

How to cut glass using yarn and nail polish remover.
(All things decorate.)

Looks like I've adopted a theme. Wine bottle light fixtures. Using the glass cutting technique above this would be so easy!

(Creative and clever ideas to make my life easier.)

How to wash the labels off, so that you can do the aforementioned crafts/decor.

(All things digestive. If I had the chance to live a double life I wouldn't do illegal or immoral things. No, with no holes barred I would go to culinary school, move to Italy or France and chase after the culinary dream.)

Lady from work made these the other day with chocolate cake mix. They were AMAZING. You can't taste the pumpkin at all. Just mix a boxed cake mix and a can of pumpkin -- NOTHING else. No egg, no oil, no water. Bake at 350 for 20-25 min.

(All things worth remembering. I reference this page a lot.)

(All things pertaining to photography.)

I guarantee this to work. Stamped and approved by Marie.

(All over. every place. every where. This world is amazing.)

Holi -- The Festival of Colors (India). I want to go!

(All about getting in shape and staying in shape, the right way and for the right reasons.)

(All animals. they are all beautiful. But you'll see a lot of elephants on this pin board -- they're my fav)

(Because you gotta laugh.)

(A place for all the weird and random stuff.)

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