Thursday, January 12, 2012

Remember this stylish lady?

Yeah… I barely remember her but she seems vaguely familiar. I know she is around here somewhere; I can feel her trying to breach the surface but she just can’t make it.
Well, I want to get back to this. I have heard so much lately about being a lady and that that equates to leaving the house put-together, feeling confident, and wearing cute undies. I know that in being a MOM it truly doesn’t matter what I look like. But there comes a point in every new mother’s life when disregarding how you look eventually leads to disliking how you look. The baby is important, yes. The MOST important in fact. But you can’t argue that the marriage is equally important. And you also can’t deny that you, as an individual are important. My doctor told me that to be the best mom I can be, I need to take care of myself.
So, here I am, plotting. My client is planning a visit to the Memphis office at some point in the near future, so I know I need to polish up on the basics: hair and outfits.

Easy. I know what style I want, it’s just a matter of waiting now. I’ve scheduled my hair cut for the 21st and yes, I am getting it CUT. Not trimmed. Not thinned out. Say bye-bye because it’s gone. I know most moms are advocates for the long hair, which makes it easy to put in a ponytail, but five months later I am sick and tired of the pony. First of all my hair is thick and I get headaches from it being in the pony so long. Second of all it’s so long and absorbent I am spending way too much money on shampoo and conditioner, not to mention the amount of time needed to style it, if I want to. Yes, I have the option to do more with it but do I ever get time and do I really care? No. With my new short do, I will save money, time, and it will take me all but 10 minutes (or less) to style it in the morning (without putting it in a pony). The last reason I can’t wait for my short do: because I like my hair that way. I have kept my hair long for other people. Honestly, I have. So many people have told me how they love my long hair, but none of these people are sitting at my house in the morning, offering to style it for me. I love you guys, but I will be a happier person with a hair style that I like.

Not as easy. First of all I will be the first to admit that yes, I do have nice clothes. If you were to inspect my closet you would long-lasting brand names like Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, and The Limited (my fav’s for work clothes). However all articles of clothing will exist in Smalls and size 6. No matter how much I’d like to be that size… I am not. At least not yet. I’m on my way but in the meantime it is not acceptable to wear maternity clothes. I am not pregnant. But I am not a size 6. My solution: lose the weight, and in the meantime buy clothes that I love, that fit me now, and that I can get tailored to fit me when I lose the inches. I don’t [can’t] want to spend as much money as I used to on clothes, but I can shop smarter. Instead of off-the-rack purchases I will only buy clothes on sale and clothes from consignment stores. Seriously. And I think I will limit myself: 2-3 pairs of slacks, 5-7 tops. This way I do not become comfortable where I am, weight-wise, and I will continue to shrink.

I can't fit into this dress anymore. Believe me, I've tried.
I used to LOVE this outfit.
I miss these jeans. :(
And this shirt.
Okay so this is just goofy me. But look at how skinny I was!
So, ultimately this has become my 2012 Resolution. I need to APPEAR like I have my act together, although that requires some actual getting-togetherness (made-up words are fun). Feeling good about myself will benefit my important relationships, and will make for a happier Marie.
(As a side note, wanna know what other resolution I wanted to take up? I wanted to promise to Organize Our Lives… but I am saving that one until we move into a HOUSE, instead of this 13 month lease apartment. I’ll try to incorporate organization into my Having My Sh*t Together resolution anyway…)
Wish me luck!
Pictures of updated hair/wardrobe to come!


  1. Good Luck. as a mom of two, with third on the way (oldest is 3) I am a HUGE advocate of SHORT hair. I have a very cute very short cut (angled to the front, longest piece to my chin and stacked in the back). It looks great if I do nothing to it and fabulous if I spend 10-15 mins on it. I don't see myself going back to long hair for a long time. Hubby loved my long hair but wasnt a fan of the pony tail which is all that my long hair was, now my hair is always done and he loves it. :) It hard to remember to focus on your marriage, esp when the first one arrives but if you let your relationship slip its hard to regain the intamacy. Marriage is work but its work that is well worth it and can be fun! A awesome marriage is one of the best things you can provide for your children. Babies/Children have a ton of needs that no doubt take a lot of attention and are frankly way more in your face than the needs of your hubby and marriage but they grow up and leave the home, your hubby is supposed to be for life, so we can't forget them so that they are their when the kids aren't taking up all of our time. Not to mention you will be happier if you have a great marriage! It's easy to let your self go when you become a mom, Good for you for remembering to not lose all of your womanhood due to parenthood. Its hard but well worth it and easier once u start. It's just a focus change! :D

  2. Hey cuz,

    I just got my hair cut super short (above the shoulders) the Monday after Mike and Holly's wedding and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I'll have to post pictures soon so you can see it.

    Love ya and miss ya!!