Thursday, January 19, 2012

So I just read an article (where, I do not know -- Sorry for lack of citing) that, on average, moms spend $200 on their child’s first birthday, and sometimes up for $500! I really can’t make a solid prediction of what I will spend on B’s first birthday party but I can tell you that I’m feelin’ the good ole $100 bill would work fine (when you’re crafty, and you know you can make half of the stuff needed to host a party, then spending $200 seems a little extreme). But determining the schematics of it all will come later, when we get closer to July.
But you have to know that I’m going to start listing. I’m ALWAYS listing. Sites like,, and are some of my favorites for party planning (as if I throw a lot of parties). Here’s some inspiration for B’s 1st Birthday...

The thing about inspiration is that it doesn’t have to come from anything in particular. You can be inspired by pant texture. You can be inspired by the mountains. You can be inspired by watercolor paint on a paintbrush. Anything. So here is mine:

A pillow. But it’s more than a pillow. It’s probably  how I would decorate B’s room if I could. I like the colors, the bold design, the clean white. So, if you can visualize it imagine the rest of these pictures using this color palette and design.
I’m not too big on themes but this party IS for Bria. I want her to have fun, even if it’s just one year old fun. The glow sticks in the bath kind of inspired me to go down this path: balloons and pinwheels.

Bubbles could go along with balloons, if I wanna cut out the pinwheels altogether.

Bite sided h’orderves are a win in my book.

Gatta have cake pops!

 And then there’s the cake.

I LOVE this cake. I know it's simple but that is what I like. Simplicity.

And giving B her own little cake. Of course.

It will take some time to come together. I’m definitely not trying to wish away my life but I really can’t wait to celebrate! Stay tuned!

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