Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blessed! I am blessed.

My beautiful friends CJ and Talia hosted my friend baby shower and I would most definitely call it a success. We played two games: Guess What’s in the Diaper (melted chocolate bars) and Guess How Round I am (with ribbon). The kicker was the diaper game – everyone loved it. 

Everyone also brought some wonderful, and useful gifts, some of which I didn’t even know existed (Pacifier Pouch). Some others that are tasty (Tammy’s mom homemade Strawberry Preserves). Michael and I are so thrilled!

I had the chance to see some people I don’t get to see very often (Michael’s mom and step dad, who live in Louisiana, Heather, CJ and Talia) – and to me that’s the best part!

Now Michael and I can start planning the rest of our purchases, and buying what we need that wasn’t graciously given to us. –Shopping Time!

But not –EVERYTHING- will be purchased. I want to make some of the following (yes, another list):

-To-Do list Board

-Father’s Day cupcakes (for my grill master)

-Things with mason jars


-Paint the walls [of our new place -- I'm thinking of using a mixture of colors in #2 and #5 for Bria's room. The background of this blog is major inspiration also. For Mike's and my bedroom, maybe the steel blue in #2, or a calming tan like in #9. Living room possibly the gray and beige in #4. A single wall to highlight my crafting area could be the plum in #6, ochre greenish yellow in #7, or the seaside blue in #5.]



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