Monday, June 20, 2011

Okay so I think I have officially entered the “Feeling Uncomfortable” phase of trimester three. If it’s not one thing then it’s another, lately.
-lower back pain
-swollen jiggly feet
-groin pain (when I try to move too fast)
-constantly hot and sweaty
-my butt/legs hurt (when sitting too long at work)
The list continues.
And there’s STILL so much to do!
(Watch out: crabby insert) My goal for this next weekend is going to be to pack 3 more boxes and view at least one apartment complex. It sucks that all I want to do is sleep, but I have to work every day, pack all my things, [hopefully] find a new home. Then comes the unpacking, and getting ready for baby. It’s another form of torture to keep a pregnant woman from nesting; I feel like I have so much to do but I can’t do any of it because we don’t have a house! (okay, crabbyness done)
Baby update:
We are 43 days away from our scheduled due date! (Which makes me 34 weeks pregnant)
She weighs about 3 ¾ lbs. – about as much as an average cantaloupe.
My daily pregnancy emails have told me: to change positions slowly and deliberately (especially when getting up from lying flat). I need to make sure my blood sugar doesn’t drop too low, so I need to eat regularly. I need to sit in well-ventilated areas, and try to maintain a comfortable body temperature.
Although we are getting closer and I feel like so much is out of my control, I need to remember to pray and to appreciate everything. EVERYTHING. I need to count it all joy (James 1:2 says Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds). All of these loose ends, and physical frustrations, are all bringing me to a final chapter.

So, in an attempt to consider it all joy I’m gonna stop complaining (right now), and start the optimism. Here are some beautiful pictures and thoughts, to start it off:
1.       I am alive and well. You never know when things will just end for you one day and so far I have been given another gift of daily life. Can’t take that for granted.
2.       Bria is alive. But I want her to kick me more; I am starting to feel that she doesn’t enough. I’d rather she bruise my insides than not “talk” to me at all.
3.       I’m gonna get a pedicure this weekend, as a birthday present to myself. Just thinking about the foot and leg massage that comes with it makes me drool. I can’t wait!
4.       I’m officially finished paying off the Baby bill!! That monthly installment can now go towards my stupid car, and getting it fixed, or moving into our new house (when we find it).
5.       Michael is wonderful. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. I know that he tries his hardest, every day, to make me happy. He wants both Bria and I to be happy, healthy, and taken care of. This is the kind of love people dream about!
6.       Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream. Or any flavor of ice cream. This cold, sweet treat makes me happy.
7.       Fresh flowers. Michael gave me my first ever bouquet of peonies this weekend and wow. I had been told they are pretty and they smell wonderful -- I'm now a peony lover! (the below picture is not of peonies. But I love all pretty flowers)
8.       Puppies. Especially my puppy, Rigby. He reminds me to be happy every day because there really are so many reasons to be!

9.       Daydreaming about beautiful weddings.

10.   Looking forward to getting more sleep (one day, some day...)

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