Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today (*yesterday =  Friday June 24th) was another huge reminder that I receive more than I deserve. I am blessed.

Here’s a recap of Friday’s and Saturday’s events:

-I turned 25! Michael and I are now the same age for about three months, then my sweetness will be 26. It’ll be an extra special birthday for him because he’ll also be a daddy by then. We’ll get to celebrate with our little peanut!

-We had our last shower! My wonder coworkers at CBRE threw Michael and I our last shower – and it was great! They went so far as to theme the party a tropical theme – leis were passed out, flowers were put into hair, the cake even had a tropical theme. It was great. :) We received many of the items that we still needed, including the following:

Graco Snugride Infant Carseat Plus Stroller Frame

We're gonna probably use this one the most -- its compact/light weight enough for everyday use. We still plan on getting a jogging stroller, too.
We still need to buy the carseat base (x2). Will be doing that shortly.

And we're also looking forward to buying this swing base!

-I also received a lot of other useful gifts. Bottles, nipples, feeding spoons, sleep sacks, teether toys (sign all you have had is a dog: I called teether toys “chew toys”), some adorable clothes, and great gift cards.

-Because it was also my birthday I received some great birthday presents as well. Gift cards to restaurants, beautiful flowers, chocolate covered strawberries (plug: Shari’s Berries), Adele’s new CD 21, and a Williams Sonoma cutting board.

-The shower took a lot out of us (being the center of attention for that long is exhausting!) so we ended up going home, taking a nap… which turned into sleeping all night (for me. Michael still had to go to work in the pm).

-We felt compelled to get a lot done. I woke up and organized the presents we had gotten the day before, and some existing. There were about 5 bags of return items that I separated out by store, and added gift cards to the bags – ready to go back and get used for things we still need. First we hit Target. After all of the returns and gift cards we had enough to get ourselves our first camcorder! I love home videos and I can’t wait to re-watch the videos we’re going to record within the next few months. Michael will be playing with our newest gadget so that he’s camera-ready on the big day!

-Next stop was Walmart. After returns we had enough to buy the crib mattress! I don’t know why but I’m really stoked about his mattress. It’s pretty to me (?? I dunno…).

-Although only making 2 return stops, we decided to call it a day. We went to eat at

-We plan on making a few more return stops: Kohls, Children’s Place, and Babies R Us.

-I pretty much finished packing our hospital bag (will write more another day about what all is inside).

-I’ve had a few more Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing of note. They weren’t as bad as that first one.

-I’m not sleeping well. The weight of my belly makes it difficult to stay asleep for very long. We’re trying to get a side-sleeper pillow but haven’t had any luck finding one yet.

-Next week we will be spending lots of time narrowing down the search of houses/apartments.

-The next doctor’s appointment is Wednesday July 6th (T Minus: 11 more days). The doctor will be checking to see if I’m dilated, if the baby has lowered, and will let me know if I will be back every week or every other week until August 2nd.

-I’m treating myself to a pedicure tomorrow. I’ll document how wonderful it is and hope to persuade some other pregnant women to follow in my footsteps (pun intended). I have a feeling it’ll be the best thing for pregnant feet since cushioned house shoes.

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