Friday, June 10, 2011

Just getting better and better...

Well 2011 has proven to be a groundbreaking year for me.

First (incase you weren’t aware//sarcasm), Michael and I found out we were pregnant. We have spent the entire year so far preparing for baby Bria to make her arrival. We’ve had major highs and major lows during the process but overall we have fallen more and more in love with each other. We’ve discovered we’re a great team:

When one is stressed, the other is calm.
When one is sad, the other makes them happy.
When one is mad, the other calms them down.
When one is embarrassed, the other loves their flaws.
When one is silly, they’re both silly.
When one is happy, they’re both happy.
When one needs help, the other helps.
Michael is the cheese to my macaroni.
He is the peanut butter to my jelly.
He is the shoelaces to my sneakers (and keeps me held together sometimes).
He is the ketchup to my French fries (or bbq sauce, or mustard… whatever my pregnancy craving is at the time).
And he is most definitely the icing to my cake (and Bria will be the cherry on top).

So, with all of that said, I now introduce you to the point of this post:


What happened was this…

June 9th 2011 I found out that the wonderful people of CBRE were planning a baby shower for us on my upcoming birthday (Friday, June 24th). I texted Michael and let him know the exciting news but he wasn’t too thrilled. I couldn’t understand why he was so frustrated, but he kept saying “I have something planned! I can’t just reschedule.” It never dawned of me what exactly he had planned.

I came home from work and I cooked us a late dinner of bulgogi (Korean bbq) and rice. It tasted delicious but we didn’t get to bed until 11ish and that’s when I started to feel sick. I’ve been getting stomach craps after dinner for the past week or so (Wednesday night was pretty bad too) but this gave Michael a reason to ask me to stay home on Friday from work. I woke Friday morning feeling tired, drained, and still with a little stomach sickness (think: 1st trimester all over again) but probably would have gone to work if Michael hadn’t stressed me staying home today.

Michael had been up later than me – preparing his body for the night shift he’ll be working tonight (as he does every Friday). He saw me wake up and came to me. We talked for a while and he explained to me that he really wanted my birthday to be special – he had planned something big but now was afraid it wasn’t going to turn out how he wanted. He didn’t want to sound unappreciative of the shower being thrown for us but everything kind of hinged on Friday June 24th. Finally he said to me “Marie, I have a very important question to ask you.”

“What is it?”, I asked.

“Marie, will you be my wife?”

I took  in a breath, smiled, and started to tear up.
“Of course! Yes yes yes, a million times yes!”

The ring had been sent from Louisiana, because it belonged to his mom. Michael’s step dad recently bought his mom a new ring for their 10 year anniversary so she had this one ready. The three of them all conspired to get the ring up here and ready for the big moment, but the postman had come too early the day before. Michael and I went to the post office this morning and that is when I first saw the gorgeous ring.

It’s pale yellow gold with a cluster of white diamonds and sapphires. It’s not too big (cause I’m not a big-jewelry kinda person) and it’s not too flashy (cause I’m not a flashy-jewelry kinda person). It’s simple yet different (I LOVE the sapphires!), it’s dainty yet it sparkles. It has history and I’d love to pass it down to Brianna one day. It’s perfect for me.

Michael’s plan for my proposal was different than what happened but to me it was perfect. I’m still smiling (stomach ache now gone), and I can’t stop looking at he ring. It’s so surreal to me – I’ve had seven months to let the pregnancy thing sink in, but now here I am ENGAGED! In one moment everything has changed again, and of course its for the better. The much better.

I always knew Bria would know us as mommy and daddy – married, engaged, or not Michael and I love each other and plan on showering our baby girl with love. We plan on teaching her what love looks like. We want her to know that romance and love exist – because I am certain it does. 

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