Friday, June 3, 2011

I made a decision a few days ago to purposefully attempt to alleviate my stress level by taking time out of each day to pray, and to meditate. I envisioned a quiet 15 minutes laying on my bed, with cool air circulating, classical music pouring out of my iMac, and having some intimate talks with God (and with Bria). What a beautiful goal.

However, I haven’t had a single day yet where I’ve accomplished this. I feel like there is so much to do every day and somehow the time slips thru my fingers.

I’m not giving up – I’m still hoping for some quiet rejuvenation. I’m also thinking about taking up a quiet drive to work morning schedule: instead of listening to music or talk radio, or calling family members, I will pray. Talk to the Big Man upstairs.

And then there’s this blog. Writing is like meditation to me. My thoughts may be short, blunt, and unattractive to you all but it helps me to get them out.

With all of that said, I sit here typing away with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Summer playing. Very soothing, and making me sleepy.

Today’s Recap: Finding a Pediatrician! I think I have narrowed down the search to a pediatric practice (Pediatrics East). Now comes the time consuming part: deciphering between all 19 MDs within the practice to determine who should be Bria’s primary care provider. I’ve scheduled my first meet-and-greet that will be had in two weeks. We’ll see how it goes! I’ve never been doctor shopping before. :\

On the house front, we’re in limbo. I am making it a point to continue packing this weekend – I have already begun but there is still so much to store. I hope to have 3 boxes completed by Sunday night.
Where will we be moving all of these boxes I’m packing? Michael and I are looking at all of our options right now. The job market really sucks so we may have to fall back on Plan B (Plan A: house in nice neighborhood with big back yard. Plan B: apartment in nice neighborhood, and new home for Rigby). It’s not how we want things, but c’est la vie… no?

Regardless we will be making the final decision on moving by July 4th. That is our set date.

I’m looking forward to my second baby shower tomorrow! It’s being held by my beautiful friend CJ, at her house. I am excited to see her, and those attending! Michael’s mom might even get to make it, from Louisiana! I know it’s going to be an absolutely fantastic time.

Bria is getting bigger, and stronger. Her movements are so strong now that I can actually SEE my belly move, reshape, and bulge where she’s putting pressure. No need to use your hand, or a balancing object. No sir. You can see her movements plain as day! It’s amazing. And I think this is my favorite part about pregnancy, hands down.

In the mom arena: I’m tired. I thought I was tired last month? Man… I didn’t know tired compared to this (and by August I’ll be laughing at this post too, I know). I’m also trying to keep stress at bay (thus, the beginning of this post). It’s hard – and within one day I swing from stressed, to at peace, to stressed, to at peace. It’s a pendulum and I’m waiting for the scabbard to lay still in one spot. We are trying our best, and tackling so many things at once – prepared for child or not, these nine months are the busiest of one’s lifetime.

Lastly, we ordered our thank you cards this past Monday! I can’t wait to get them in the mail so that I can send them back out again to all of the wonderful people who have given us so so SO much. All I have is love for all of you!

Speaking of love…
This one is for Michael (I love your daddy so much, Bria):

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