Thursday, June 2, 2011

This blog was created out of necessity. Absolute, fierce and life-threatening necessity.

I couldn’t figure out, and it’s blog workings. So here I am!

I am printing and saving the blog entries I began at , and will be storing them away safely in Brianna’s baby book. But this is where I’ll continue the updates from today on out.

So, before we begin… some FQA:

Q: Why “Good Madness”?
A: Because of this quote by Neil Gaiman;

I found this quote to be very fitting considering what this next year (and beyond) holds for me.

Q: What is this blog about?
A: Brianna, mostly. Becoming a mom. Being in love with Michael, and how we are navigating these new parenting waters together. It’s about being a working mom, and balancing that tangle of a life. It’s about taking life in strides and seeing it as an adventure. It’s about keeping my hopes and dreams alive, and it’s about hoping and dreaming new things for Bria.

So please come back, and let me know what you think of my little cyber space. Give me feedback, if you have any. Send us your happy, loving thoughts. I can’t wait to share my little girl with all of you.

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