Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today was Father's Day! We celebrated because Michael is indeed a father -- Bria may not be here yet but I can tell you right that she's alive and kicking (literally).

Synopsis of Father's Day -1:

Michael worked this morning so I took advantage of the free time to finish up my planned father's day project, based on the picture below:

Are those not adorable gift bags?????

Well, I thought so too but they're definitely -NOT- Michael. He looks great all jazzed up in a button-down shirt and tie but his natural element is in a Peyton Manning jersey.




Michael liking his P. Manning gift bag.

The gift bag doesn't look quite as professional as the inspiration bags, but it was my first go-round at something like this and it was super easy. I already had all of the supplies at home (gift bag, scrapbook paper, glue stick, and xacto knife).

Inside the bag:

Pay no attention to the mess. We're in the process of packing.
Michael's very own Daddy shirt. We're planning on packing this in the hospital bag so he can strut his stuff the day/night she arrives.

This was another easy DIY project. All that's needed is a blank tee shirt (I was looking for a baseball tee, but couldn't find one) and iron-on letters. Don't tell him (//kidding... he reads this blog) but I think I'll continue my search for a blank baseball tee and make him another shirt. :)

There was also a pack of boxers -- needed because our beloved Rigby went thru a phase of destroying Michael's boxers.

After opening the gifts, we took a nap -- four hours of uninterrupted sleep. Was nice!

Then we went to dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse (and lemme just say that the place has gone down hill). I might complain about that experience later. *grumble

Finally we saw The Green Lantern!

All in all it was a great day and I hope Michael (and all the other dad's out there) realize how much they are appreciated. Us women may be carrying the child but the men have to deal with us and our shenanigans. My Michael is a saint and I couldn't ask for a better fiance/future hubby (and Brianna couldn't ask for a better daddy).

We love you, baby!

Bytheway, check out the beautiful peonies Michael got for me as an early birthday present this weekend!! :D

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