Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It’s confession time! I just realized that I’m not the only crazy pregnant woman on the block – we’re ALL crazies turns out.
So, I thought it was just me being strange. I have been craving foods, yes. I enjoy the taste of sweet things more than normal, yes. But I didn’t think anyone else CRAVED certain SMELLS. Since I’ve been pregnant there have been an assortment of smells that have either turned me way off (to the point of puking) or way on (to the point of inventing some sort of nose-hanging device to smell it all day).
This morning I was reading some of the message boards at, and came across a board about cravings. To my immense surprise I discovered that there are many other pregnant women who crave stranger smells than me!
Some examples of strange pregnancy smell-cravings: gasoline , deep freezers, lemonade (the smell, not taste), bleach, hand sanitizer, new tires, lumber, etc.
My LOVE scent is: fresh laundry. Holy crap, I’ll do laundry every day (wash, dry, fold, and hang) without any arguments because I love the smell so much. I also really like the smell of fresh-cut grass, orange-scented dish soap, and citrus scents. Clean, simple, and light does it for me!

This laundry room looks as good as fresh laundry smells. <3
Meyer Lemon William Sonoma-scented stuffs.

My HATE scents are: eggs, coffee, cigarettes, and fake fruity scents (think Bath and Body works soaps/candles).

I recently bought a Sparking Mojito candle from B&BW, because some ladies in the store were raving about how good it smelled when it burned. I regret that purchase. If anyone out there wants to trade me a barely used Sparkling Mojito candle for a clean scent (like one of the beach scents, or cotton, or laundry scents) then I’ll do it.

……. I’m not kidding.

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